Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes a blocked drain?

There are many ways that a drain can become blocked. Blocked drains often occur when unflushable items such as nappies, sanitary items and wet wipes are flushed down the toilet.

Drains can also become blocked due to structural damage or overgrown tree roots.

Our drainage specialists will be able to efficiently identify the cause, and use state of the art equipment to alleviate the problem.

Q. What are the signs of a blocked drain?

There are a few tell-tale warning signs: unpleasant smells, water draining very slowly or not draining at all, or gurgling and bubbling noises.

Q. Can I unblock a toilet or a sink myself?

By using a plunger or unblocking fluids, simple blockages can be sorted by yourself at home. If these don’t help, however, or you don’t feel confident in your ability to unblock your drain, it is advised to call in the drainage specialists.

Q. What is a CCTV drainage survey?

A CCTV drainage survey uses specialist remote control cameras to identify problems within your drainage system. This allows blockages to be found and dealt with in a quick and efficient manner, without the need to perform unnecessary excavations.

We provide CCTV drainage surveys across Chester, Wrexham and North Wales.

Q. Is a CCTV drainage survey useful when buying a property?

A CCTV drainage survey is a great way to checkout your new properties drainage system prior to moving in. This means you won’t face any nasty surprises further down the line or unwanted obstacles to deal with during your busy house move

This could affect sale price, or even question your final decision on the property.

Q. What do I do if shop-bought products don't work?

If DIY attempts don’t work, you should definitely contact a specialist. If after your own first attempt the smells or blockage persists and you’re not sure what to do, we’re on hand to help out.

Q. How do you unblock a pipe?

At Drain Busters, we use high pressure water jetting to perform pipe unblocking, providing advice on how to prevent further back-ups. This service includes literally blasting away the blockage with strong jets of water, like a pipe exfoliant, to wash away the obstacles.

Q. Why do I need drain relining?

Drain relining is used to repair damaged drainage pipes by fixing a new pipe inside the current pipe, essentially relining it from the inside rather than a full excavation and replacement. We can also use drain relining for fixing open leaking joints and cracks that may be have been caused by blockages or general wear.

Q. What is drain excavation?

It is sometimes the case that when drainage problem is so severe, it isn’t really possible to fix it without digging down to it.

Our drain excavation services in Chester and surrounding areas involves physically digging a hole or trench to the drainage system in order to provide the solution.

Drain excavation is a last resort and only if our other methods are not feasible to fix the problem.

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