Blocked drains can occur in your kitchen, bathroom, or main sewer lines through a build-up of raw sewage or items that aren’t meant to be disposed of down your pipes. In the kitchen, this may be food debris or wrappers, and in bathrooms this may be feminine hygiene products or nappies. Drains become blocked when debris builds up and your waste and water can no longer pass through the pipes, threatening their function and integrity that may lead to a rupture.

Drain unblocking can occasionally be done manually by you, but we would always recommend contacting a drainage specialist in case your well-intentioned DIY turns nasty. When we service your blocked drains, we will first conduct a CCTV drainage survey. This involves using a specialist camera to diagnose the cause of your blocked drain and to also ascertain whereabouts the blockage is. This will then inform how we go about cleaning your drains, which we will undertake with efficiency.

How we treat blocked drains in Chester

  • Drain, pipe and sewer clearance
  • We will perform a CCTV drainage survey to find out more about your drainage issues
  • We will ascertain where the blockage is, and plan accordingly
  • We will then use high-pressure water jetting to clear the blockage and advise on preventing further back-ups

You might notice a drain blockage if your appliances like toilets or shower basins are refusing to drain properly, a foul smell, or water backing up back into the receptacle. Because we work across homes and businesses, we are prepared to service both small drains and main sewer lines, and no project is too big or too small for our drainage specialists in Chester. We have over 25 years’ of experience in blocked drains clearances, so when you are looking for local experts look no further than the team at Drain Busters. As well as Chester, we also operate throughout The Wirra, Wrexham and North Wales.

Contact us today or call directly on 08456 800 123, 07709318516 and 01352 755405 to receive our expert drain unblocking and pipe maintenance services.

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